Why We Started Big Wags CBD

We do our due diligence so that you can buy with confidence. 

Nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than seeing our four-legged friends happy and healthy and we’ve experienced firsthand how beneficial CBD can be to keep those tails wag’n.

We’ve also experienced the confusion and uncertainty that comes with finding high-quality, trustworthy products. We started Big Wags CBD to be your trusted partner – to deliver healthful treats and oils made with the highest quality ingredients, share our knowledge and excitement, and provide unrivaled customer service – so that you can buy with confidence.

Our Team


Harlan Lyons, The Dog Father

From horses to dogs, Harlan has loved being around animals his whole life. He views animals not just as pets, but as an extension of his family.

He passed on this love of animals to his daughter who owns and operates a horse and dog rescue in Kansas. Harlan finds great joy in visiting the rescue and supporting in any way he can.

Harlan is a successful businessman with a passion for philanthropy and service. He has witnessed the tremendous benefits that CBD can have on people and pets and is excited about the opportunity to bring Big Wags CBD products into more homes.



Jeff Spikes, Chief Obedience Officer

A modern cowboy, Jeff grew up on a ranch in Texas, herding cattle, riding horses, and slipping the herd dogs his food scraps after breakfast. Working with animals has given him great joy and comfort throughout his life. He now owns and operates a small ranch in Arizona with 13 goats, 12 chickens, 8 turkeys, 4 pigs, 3 dogs, a donkey, a cow, a cat, and a bearded dragon.

He runs “Spikes Ranch” with the help of his youngest daughter, who facilitates animal therapy for people with disabilities.

Jeff has had a successful career and worn many hats, but nothing brings him more joy than helping people and animals realize happier and healthier lives. He’s excited to be in a position that combines his strengths and his passions.




Tim and his two pups

Tim Lambright, The Bone Digger

Given his passion for CBD and dogs, helping start this company was a no-brainer.  In 2012, Tim was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. One of his first questions when he woke up in the hospital was, “When can I see my dogs?” 

During his 6-week hospital stay he Skyped with his beloved dogs, Meena and Juno, every day. When Tim moved to a rehab center, the pups were his first and very regular visitors. They were a critical part of his recovery and continue to be an integral part of his life. 

Tim has been reaping the benefits of CBD for many years and now that Meena and Juno are 13-years-old, he treats them to a daily CBD regimen to help them stay active and healthy. Tim is incredibly grateful for the increased quality of life CBD has offered him and his pups and wants to share the benefits with others.



Matt Yorkgitis, Digital Alpha Dog

Over the last several years, Matt has seen and experienced the amazing benefits that CBD can have on people with all sorts of ailments. It’s also been very helpful for his puppy, Stella.

Stella spent the first 7-months of her life on a farm in Maryland and when Matt first brought her home, she was very nervous about life in the concrete jungle – new experiences, new noises, and new people can be intimidating. CBD has helped her find her Zen in the big city.

The bottom line: Matt is really passionate about CBD, he loves dogs, and he loves business. He’s excited to bring a high-quality product to the market with people he enjoys working with.

Matt and Stella 


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